SC41 office air conditioner

The SC41 is one of the newest units in our fleet of portable office air conditioners. It has very strong fans to aid air circulation, and also has the added benedit of being able to use up to 4 metres of exhaust hose. It is suitable for cooling larger office spaces of up to 40 square metres and has the benefit of having no condensate tanks to empty, which means this unit can be left running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The stronger fans mean this unit is slightly noisier than others, but will certainly help to keep your staff cool

  • 3 Strong fan speeds
  • Up to 4 metre of exhaust hose
  • Thermostatic control
  • Optional cool air ducting
  • No water tank to be regularly emptied
  • Dimensions: H74 x W30 x D48cm
Small server room aircon unit

Unit Hire Costs Guide:

  • 10 week £41 Per Week
  • 8 week £45 Per Week
  • 4 week £58 Per Week
  • 1 week £130 Per Week
Online Enquiry
Call 0800 169 4768 Shorter Or Longer Hire Periods Are Available

Delivery from £40 each way within London, see our terms and conditions for full details