Dehumidifier hire

Aircon Hire Ltd has the equipment and experience to help you with your drying requirements in most areas. Whether you are drying out flood damage, keeping to a tight building program or protecting your stock or machinery from the damp, our range of portable dehumidifiers for hire, along with good advice, can be the answer.

Our dehumidifiers are suitable for use in flood damage repairs, construction, process control, warehouse stock protection, retail, manufacturing and domestic use. Refrigerant dehumidifiers for hire are very effective in warm, humid conditions to bring the relative humidity down to around 40%. Where lower relative humidity is required desiccant dehumidifier hire is a better option.

In some applications the rate of drying is important and then control of relative humidity is essential. This is something on which we at Aircon Hire Ltd can advise. Call and talk to us about what you are trying to achieve.

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Dehumidifier Hire, Industrial & Commercial Drying Service

When you call us you will speak directly to a staff member with training and experience in drying applications. Our range of dehumidifier equipment allows us to recommend and supply the right solution for your application to economically and quickly address your requirements.

Where a package of equipment including heaters, fans & dehumidifiers is the right approach we will provide an attractive package price.

We are flexible and whilst dehumidifier hire rates are based on the period for which you agree to hire, we recognise that your requirements might change. For example, might find that after an initial period of heavy duty drying, your dehumidifier hire agreement may need to be reduced/adjusted. We are always willing to amend the hire agreement to suit changing circumstances. When this happens, if you let us know immediately then you will not pay more than the published hire rates for the period actually hired. By appointment we will attend site to complete a site survey to determine the dehumidifier rental which will meet your needs.


Dehumidifier Hire To Eliminate Condensation

Condensation is expensive in the damage it causes to decorations and building fabric. It can form on the inside surfaces of buildings or, worse still, within the fabric of the outside walls. This is called interstitial condensation. Iinterstitial condensation occurs when warm moist air penetrates the inner fabric of the wall and comes up against a cold surface, at which point condensation occurs. This moisture collecting inside the fabric of the wall can go unseen and cause extensive damage.

To understand when and why condensation forms it is first necessary to understand dew point. As explained in psychrometry, relative humidity air at a given temperature and pressure can only hold a certain amount of moisture at which the relative humidity is 100%. Any more and water droplets appear (like clouds.) The higher the temperature of the air the more water which can be held so it follows that when air is cooled the relative humidity will increase until it is 100%. That temperature is the dew point temperature, the temperature at which dew forms.

Condensation forms on surfaces when the surface is cool enough for the air in contact with it to be cooled to below the dew point temperature. The moisture which is released collects on the cool surface as water. The best example of this is condensation on a single glazed window. The glass is at or very close to the outside temperature. A double glazed window however, has an inner pane of glass which is nearer to room temperature at which the dew point is not reached and no condensation forms.

Therefore there are 2 ways of avoiding condensation on the inside of walls. Either improve insulation values so that the inner surface is warmer or reduce relative humidity within the room so that the dew point is not reached. Care needs to be taken in adding insulation to avoid interstitial condensation, but this is a whole other topic.
A dehumidifier hired from Aircon Hire Ltd will maintain a low enough relative humidity to avoid most condensation problems though you should seek out advice to ensure that other factors do not come into play.



Dehumidifier Hire For Moisture Control

High humidity levels combined with lower temperatures in winter can be damaging to equipment and stock in industry and commerce. Moisture can form on any equipment with significant thermal mass when temperature changes take place. As the air warms equipment or stock which is still cold will have condensation form on the surface which can corrode or otherwise damage stock. Temporary dehumidifiers and heaters from Aircon Hire Ltd can maintain a controlled atmosphere in ways which include:

  • Maintaining stable temp & humidity for unprotected metal, to prevent corrosion
  • Reduce drying times of construction wet work
  • Localised control of humidity to protect equipment
  • Drying out flood-damaged buildings, eliminating allowing quicker repairs
  • Maintaining stable conditions for laying of flooring

Aircon Hire Ltd dehumidifier hire is the energy efficient solution, saving the cost of avoidable damage or installation problems.


Dehumidifier Hire In different Applications

The relative humidity of the air around us is not visible. We normally only become aware of the humidity when it is exceptionally high or low. It can typically vary in the UK from 30% to 80% and this makes a huge difference to evaporation rates when drying and to mould growth on the surfaces of stock, furniture etc. Dehumidifier hire is a cost effective means of temporarily controlling the relative humidity inside a building, to ensure predictable drying results and to accelerate drying out. Preventing higher relative humidity inside buildings will help to protect contents and provide a healthier environment. See optimum relative humidity chart on our heater hire page.


Maintenance & stock protection

Dehumidifier hire to protect against the danger of stock degradation in warehouse operations where installed systems are not available is a cost effective measure. A dehumidifier will generally serve around twice the inside volume in this application when compared to actively drying building fabric. It is important in these applications to ensure that adequate air circulation takes place around racking to achieve even conditions throughout the stock. Fan hire in conjunction with dehumidifier hire needs to be considered.


Construction Industry drying

The volume of water used in concrete, mortar, plaster etc all needs to be extracted for full building drying to be complete. This can cause lengthy delays in the construction program, particularly in winter, unless dehumidifiers and heaters are hired. An estimate of the volume of water used in construction which will need to be evaporated from inside the structure and the time available for drying will allow some conclusions on the amount of dehumidification which is needed. Drying by a combination of heating and dehumidifier hire is far less costly than attempting to dry with the use of heat alone. There is also less chance of localised drying the cracking as more even drying takes place. Hiring the right dehumidifiers and locating them correctly will help to keep the construction on schedule and the quality of finish up to standard. Hiring industrial units with a high dehumidification capacity and automatic water disposal, from Aircon Hire Ltd for just the period needed is good business.


Process & packaging

Packaging materials can be sensitive to the humidity being either too high or too low. Dehumidifier hire combined with humidifier hire can be essential for quality assurance. Continuous monitoring of the relative humidity along with equipment with adjustable humidity settings may show the need for temporary equipment in extremes of weather and that is where dehumidifier hire can be the cost effective solution. Talk through your requirements with us and hiring will allow you to test the solution at minimal cost.


Staff & customer comfort

Where a high concentration of people and low ventilation rates coincide, the moisture from breathing and perspiring can take the relative humidity up to above 70% at which people become uncomfortable. This is particularly true where people are physically active. Good examples are parties, discos, wedding celebrations and basement areas with high density of staff. Unless the venue is purpose built with ventilation and air conditioning there will be a build up of heat and humidity. Ideally air conditioners can be hired though this is not always practical so whilst dehumidifier hire will not reduce the temperature it will have a beneficial effect on the apparent temperature. The relative humidity control can be set to 50% to ensure that the atmosphere is not too dry for comfort.


Event hire of dehumidifiers

Where an event is being held anywhere other than a purpose built venue, full climate control is probably not available. For the event to be a success guests need to be comfortable and for events where there is dancing this needs special consideration.
Sure signs of high relative humidity are dancers who have shirts wet with perspiration which do not dry, even when taking a break. Whilst, hiring dehumidifiers will not reduce the temperature, it will allow perspiration to evaporate and for people to cool off and be dry and comfortable again. Aircon Hire Ltd can hire the right dehumidifiers for the location and if it is an event then we can deliver and collect at specific times to assist with event organisation.



Dehumidifier Hire For Domestic use

Dehumidifiers can be very useful in a number of domestic situations. In the 1960 s buildings were designed with background heating systems which were designed to achieve temperatures of around 16 deg C. Construction methods at that time did not pay the attention to insulation and avoidance of cold bridging within the structure, which is now mandatory under Building Regulations.

Single glazed windows which did not have effective draught seals ensured high air change rates and good ventilation which helped to keep down the relative humidity inside.

When fully sealed double glazing is installed and heating to higher temperatures is combined with clothes drying indoors, damp problems follow.

Without dehumidification the moisture is trapped inside the property and where it comes up against a cold surface, condensation occurs. This in turn results in mould growth and blackening of the wall surface. This is often mistaken for damp penetration from outside but the more common scenario is moisture from inside the room forming on the cold surface.

Shower steam can also contribute to the problem as showers are used more than they were in the past and where an effective bathroom ventilator is not installed, a large amount of moisture is added to the air inside the property. A dehumidifier positioned in the right location can keep all surfaces dry and avoid mould growth.

Correct use of dehumidifiers is very effective in combating these problems. Aircon Hire Ltd can supply physically small, quiet dehumidifiers which will extract over 1litre/hour of moisture which represents a lot of showers and clothes drying.

Hiring a dehumidifier to test the solution is a cost effective and efficient means of identifying the right long term solution. Here at Aircon Hire Ltd we can advise on the right equipment to use. With the facility to set the desired relative humidity, healthy, comfortable conditions can be maintained with a minimum of attention.



Dehumidifier Hire In Flood Drying Packages

Aircon Hire Ltd has sound experience in flood restoration work and large stocks of dehumidifiers, heaters and fans. We can make sure that your building is dry and ready for repairs to began as quickly as possible.

In summer you might think the warmer weather and increased ventilation with windows open will provide all the drying you need. However, where drying out is a more urgent requirement to allow repairs to proceed, the vagaries of weather, particularly here in the UK, make unpredictable drying rates unacceptable. If left for more than 3 days before commencing drying then spores begin to develop the the cost of repair rises further.

The relative humidity of the air around us is not visible. It can vary in the UK from 30% to 80% which, along with temperature, is the principal factor determining drying time. Dehumidifier hire is a means of temporarily controlling the important influence of relative humidity inside a building to ensure predictable drying results and to accelerate drying out, so reducing the risk of mould growth.

On the plus side, in the winter, the process of heating air inside buildings results in lower relative humidity but often there is insufficient ventilation to allow effective drying. When addressing flood damage and drying out a building, this lack of ventilation has the effect of allowing the humidity inside the building to rise as moisture is evaporated into it and the drying out process then grinds to a halt unless dehumidifiers are hired for a suitable period of time to extract the moisture from the building.

Commonly the installed heating system might not be useable after flood damage and temporary heating hire will be needed in addition to dehumidifier hire to accelerate the process.

With water extraction rates of up to 30 litres/day at 25 deg C and 60% relative humidity, we can fully dry so that no moisture re-appears after repairs have begun.

Aircon Hire Ltd can provide a package of dehumidifiers, heaters & fans specifically for flood repair projects.



Dehumidifier Hire Selection Considerations

  • Drying our a flood or maintaining good conditions
  • Volume of the area to be treated
  • Water disposal method required
  • Heating in conjunction with dehumidifying
  • Speed of drying needed
  • Ventilation available
  • Contents of the area

Why not call us at Aircon hire Ltd on 0800 1694768 and we promise you will speak directly to someone who will ask the right questions,talk through your requirements and if necessary, arrange a survey.

Our own staff will deliver at a pre-arranged time and explain the use of our equipment to get the best results.


Remember our price promise which means that it will never cost more to hire from Aircon Hire Ltd than from any other supplier.