Case studies of temporary cooling by Aircon Hire Ltd

Here at Aircon Hire Ltd we take pride in providing a service to give you the best cooling solution possible. We start with a careful appraisal of your requirements on the phone, offering a free site survey if needed. Delivery of the equipment is always by our own staff who will ensure that our solution will work for you by installing and setting up the equipment and giving guidance on how to get the best from it in operation.

A small selection of recent installations is summarised below.


2 hours to get emergency cooling into head office server room.

Cooling a server room with 4 temporary split a/c unitsWhen this large construction company had a breakdown of the installed air conditioning in their server room, they were straight on the phone to Aircon Hire for help. They had an old system running which was struggling to cope with the high heat load being produced from their head office computer equipment.

It was difficult to establish on the phone exactly how we could get the heat out of the room, so we loaded the van with a variety of kit and set off. Once on site we found that installing 4 portable split air conditioners, with the condenser units being sat outside was the best solution. The 6mt long refrigerant lines on our RCS6000 units allowed better distribution of the cold air along the room. This gave them almost 20KW of cooling where they needed it, which was sufficient to maintain acceptable server operating temperatures and avoid loss of data or capacity. It gave them time to implement a more reliable permanent solution.

It was just 2 hours from the time of their call, to the units being installed – a typical emergency response time provided by Aircon Hire Ltd. This IT manager was very pleased with both our approach to solving their problem and our solution and we are confident that they will always call us first if they need additional cooling.


Staff party at London Zoo

office or domestic split A/C unit application

Staff parties are always good fun, but not in the height of summer when the temperatures are in the mid 30’s and the venue is a beautiful glazed function room!

Each year, this large financial group hold a staff function in the middle of London Zoo! Months of planning go in to making this day special to say thanks to the staff for their continued efforts, and the day would not be the same without the help of Aircon Hire Ltd. We are on site first thing in the morning (before the Elephants are awake) to get the units set up and running. We use a number of our PM38Q units which can exhaust the heat to higher windows and provide powerful cooling with quiet operation. By the time the staff arrive at 10am the room is already cool and our units are quiet enough to leave running during the various presentations throughout the day. We then collect the units at the end of the day.

This is an event that we supply to year after year, and the customer will always rely on us to help their day to be a ‘roaring’ success!


Prestigious retail outlet with an overheating problem at the weekend

Heavy duty air conditioners in a retail store

A malfunction in the installed air conditioning system at the weekend left this prestigious clothing retail outlet in The Village at Westfield Shopping Centre, with a problem. In uncomfortably high temperatures a customer is unlikely to stay and try on a new suit which is an important step in creating another happy customer, dressed to go up in the world.

The challenge was to get a significant amount of cooling into the rear of the store where lighting loads were making it uncomfortably hot. The only location to which we could discharge the heat was over 10mt away through a rear door. By using 2 industrial units which are not too noisy, we were able to get almost 12 KW of cooling to the rear of the store. Although not the most inconspicuous installation we have ever done the equipment installed was modern and in 'as new' condition and it saved the day and avoided a serious dent in turnover.

We took the call later on Saturday and we on the doorstep with equipment off loaded at opening time on that Sunday. The store manager was very pleased with our quick response and Sunday delivery. Her only disappointment was not selling a new suit to Dave, who delivered and set up the air conditioners: but Dave is not really a suit man. He IS very well suited to solving cooling problems.


A summer wedding in a marquee is no a place to be hot under the collar

Wedding marquee with 30KW of coolingSome say your wedding day is the most special day of your life (others say it’s a good excuse to get drunk with your friends) but whatever your ideas, we can help the day run smoothly by making sure everyone stays cool, even when they have to make a speech. This happy couple in Dulwich did not want to take a chance on their day being spoiled by the heat. Having talked it through with them, we opted for air conditioners rather than evaporative coolers and installed 8 units around the marquee to give around 30KW of cooling if needed.

With an arrangement in place well in advance of the day we were booked to deliver and set up the air conditioners at 10.00am on the Saturday and collect again the following day leaving one less thing to worry about on the day. Everything went smoothly as planned and the wedding was the success expected.

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