MCM20 Industrial Air Conditioner - Operating Instructions

MCM20 control panel MCM20 industrial air conditioning unit

Getting started

1. Ensure that the unit is standing on a horizontal surface with a minimum 100mm of space behind and clear space at the front for access to the water tank and for a free flow of air into the unit. Support the exhaust hose as necessary to ensure that it is not kinked and there is a clear flow of hot air exhausted. Also ensure that the exhaust air is vented to outside or an area where it will not recirculated back into the cooled area.
It is important that this air conditioning unit is be plugged directly into a 13amp ring main wherever possible. Where unavoidable, a heavy duty extension cable is required which Aircon Hire Ltd can supply.

2. When plugged in the red "POWER ON" indicator will show. If it does not then check supply fuses.

3. Check that the removable water tank is in position and empty. If it is full then the "TANK FULL" indicator wil show and the unit will not cool.

MCM20 condensate tank removed

4. Switch on the "FANS ON" rocker switch.

5. Switch on the "COOLING ON" rocker switch. There may be a delay of up to 5 minutes before cooling commences. Soon after the compressor turns itself on cooled iar will be felt and the exhaust will begin to get warm.

6. If at any time the air conditioner is turned off (for example on removal of the water tank for emptying when it will turn off automatically) there will be a time delay before cooling is resumed. The is to protect the refrigerant compressor.

Note: The MCM20 has thermostatic control to control the room temperature. This factory set to 21 deg C.

If you are in any doubt over the safe operation of the air conditioning unit hired - call 0800 1694768 for advice

Routine maintenance

Inspect the air filters at bott front and back of the machine and if signicant deposits are evident then vacuum to clean without removal. If more serious blocking is evident then call us to attend and service the machine. A build up of dust/deposits on the filters will reduce the performance of the MCM20.

Check regularly to see that the exhaust hose has not moved to partially block the air flow from the machine. This will also reduce the performance.


Trouble shooting

The red 'TANK FULL' indicator is on.
Remove the condesate tank, empty it and replace.
The "POWER ON" indicator is not on & the unit has stopped.
Check fuses in the power supply to the air condioner.