PM38Q Air Conditioner - Operating Instructions

PM38Q control panel PM38Q office air conditioning unit

Getting started

1. Ensure that the air conditioner is on a horizontal surface, positioned as close to the window as possible with at least 100mm of space behind to allow a free flow of air into the unit. Also ensure that the exhaust hose in connected to the correct connection at the back of the unit so that the hot air is exhausted out of the room.
Open the air vent on the top of the air conditioning unit.

PM38Q exhaust connection

2. Plug appliance into normal 13amp socket making sure that the load on that circuit/extension lead will not be overloaded and cause the fuse/circuit breaker to trip. The red 'Power' indicator will show.

3. Press the ON/OFF button to start the unit.

4. Press the Mode button to scroll through the 4 modes of operation 'Auto' 'Cool' 'Dry'' & 'Fan.' To achieve continuous cooling under thermostatic control for office use we recommend the 'Cool' mode. Other modes will not provide full cooling performance.

PM38Q mode control

5. Select the temperature setting to suit you by pressing the temperature 'UP' & 'DOWN' buttons. The set temperature is displayed (min 18 deg C.) The display will return to the ambient temperature of the room a few seconds after adjustment.

PM38Q temperature control

6. Press the 'Speed' button to select High, Medium or Low speed to suit your use. High speed provides the maximum cooling performance.

PM38Q fan speed control

Note: The 'Sleep' button is for domestic use and not recommended for office use (unless you really aren't busy) and the timer function allows the air conditioning unit to be run for a set period.

If you are in any doubt over the safe operation of the air conditioning unit hired - call 0800 1694768 for advice

Routine maintenance

To keep the air conditioning unit you have hired working at peak performance it is necessary to clean the air filter each week. Remove the filter by sliding it upwards to release the bottom and then down to remove completely. Brush/vacuum any dust from the outside of the filter so that air flow through the machine is not restricted.

PM38Q filter cleaning

Trouble shooting

The red 'Power' indicator is not on.
Check the unit is plugged in and a fuse is not blown.
The Air conditioner is running but not blowing cold.
Set temperature lower, ensure operating mode is swet to 'Cool.'
The power light is flashing.
The unit has turned off due to water in the tank. Turn off, drain water by removing black rubber bung near the floor at the back of the machine. Drain into a tray. Turn on again and set mode to 'Cool.'
PM38Q condensate drain plug
There is a water leak from the unit.
Drain water from tank as above and turn on again and set mode to 'Cool.'
The air conditioner doesn't seem as effective as it was originally.
Clean filter. Check that the exhaust is not obstructed and that all hot air is making it's way out of the room ie. hose is still in correct position.