RCS6000 Split Air Conditioner - Operating Instructions

RCS6000 split unit control panel RCS6000 split air conditioning unit

Getting started

1. Position the inside unit on a horizontal surface and hang or stand the condenser (outside unit) outside or in the postion where heat from the room can be dumped. Ensure that there is at least 100mm of space behind both indoor and outdoor units to allow a clear flow of air into the ack of the units. Make sure that the umbilical connection between the 2 units is not kinked or crushed. Some condensate will be discharged to the condenser unit so make allowance for possible dripping.

2. Plug appliance into a standard 13amp socket. If using an extension lead then it should be no longer than 10mt and it should be uncoiled and of heavy duty specification. Also make sure that the supply is not overlaoded to cause the fuse/circuit breaker to trip. The RCS6000 draws 1760 watts or 7 amps.

3. Press the 1/O button to start the unit.

4. Press the Mode button to scroll through the 4 modes of operation 'Auto' 'Hi' 'Med'' & 'Lo.' This determines the fan speed and operation. For maximum cooling select the 'Hi' setting.

5. Select the temperature setting to suit you by pressing the 'THERMO CONTROL' buttons 'UP' & 'DOWN.' The set temperature is displayed (min 16 deg C.)

rcs6000 temperature control

5. Press the 'AUTO SWING' button if required to spread the cooled are over a wider area.

If you are in any doubt over the safe operation of the air conditioning unit hired - call 0800 1694768 for advice

Routine maintenance

Keep the air filter at the back of the indoor unit clean to retain peak performance. Slide the filter up to remove completely. Brush/vacuum or wash any depsoits from the filter and retun it.

Removing the rcs6000 filter

Trouble shooting

The red 'Power' indicator is not on.
Check the unit is plugged in and a fuse is not blown.
The Air conditioner is running but not blowing cold.
Set temperature lower and/or wait a few minutes until the 'COMP ON' light shows, indicating that the compressor is running.
The 'DRAIN WATER' light is on and cooling has stopped.
Drain excess water from the indoor unit, into a container, from the black rubber tube at the back by lowering the tube and removing the bung.
There is a water leak from the unit.
Drain water from tank as above and turn on again.
The air conditioner doesn't seem as effective as it was originally.
Clean filter. Check that the air flow to the condenser and the back of the indoor unit is clear.