Sumo Junior Evaporative Cooler - Operating Instructions

Sumo JR control panel Sumo JR evaporative cooling unit

Getting started

1. Place the evaporative cooler on a level surface with the people to be cooler within range of the fan. Ensure that there is adequate space each side of the unit to allow clear air flow into the unit and that it is not pointing directly an anyone such that it might cause discomfort.

2. Plug in the cooler to a normal 13amp socket and fill with water via the opening flat/cover on top of the machine until the water level indicator shows full. Do not use ice in the unit as this does not improve it's performance.

Sumo JR filling point

3. Turn the 'MAINS' knob to ON. Turn the fan on by turning the 'AIRFLOW' knob to the desired fan speed and if required, select ON for the 'SWING' knob to spread the air flow over a wider area in front of the evaporative cooler.

4. Set the humidity control on the back of the machine to ON. When this is OFF the unit simply acts as a fan and no cooling of the air is achieved.

Sumo JR humidity control

5. The amount of water in the tank is shown on the indicator. Re-fill as necessary. If the water runs out then the unit will simply operate as a fan but the air flow will not be cooled.

Sumo JR water level indicator
If you are in any doubt over the safe operation of the evaporative cooler hired - call 0800 1694768 for advice

Routine maintenance

The only routine maintenance for these units is topping up the water tank as and when required. If the unit is to be moved then ensure that water is drained first to avoid spillage.