TC21 Air Conditioner - Operating Instructions

PM38Q control panel PM38Q office air conditioning unit

Getting started

1. Ensure that the air conditioner is on a horizontal surface with at least 100mm of space behind to allow a free flow of air into the unit. Also ensure that the exhaust hose is as straight as practical and not kinked/restricted.
This air conditioning unit should be plugged directly into a 13amp ring main wherever possible. If the use of an extension lead is unavoidable then a heavy duty cable is required which Aircon Hire Ltd can supply.

2. Press the POWER button to start the unit.

3. Unless otherwise advised by Aircon Hire Ltd, operate the TC21 air conditioning unit on 'ROOM COOL.' Set the target temperature to the desired level using the up and down buttons adjacent to the display. Both target and current temperature for the room are diplayed.

4. If advised by Aircon Hire Ltd to use the TC21 air conditioner in spot cooling mode for your application then press 'SPOT COOL' and set the temperature setting to Zero as instructed above the control panel.

5. Press the 'BLOWER' button to select High or Low speed to suit your use. High speed provides the maximum cooling performance.

6. If the air conditioning unit has not been fitted with a condensate pump to automatically discharge water, empty the water tank regularly. If not emptied the unit will stop cooling. Ensure that the water tank is pushed fully into the machine with the retaining bar in place, after removal. If this is not done then cooling will not resume.

TC21 condensate tank installed

Note: After being turned off for any reason there will be a time delay of up to 5 minutes before cooling is resumed. This not a fault but is to protect the machine.

TC21 condensate tank removed
If you are in any doubt over the safe operation of the air conditioning unit hired - call 0800 1694768 for advice

Routine maintenance

Clean the 2 air filters each week by sliding them out as shown. Brush/vacuum the filter to remove any deposits.

TC21 front filter removed


TC21 rear filter removed

Trouble shooting

The red 'Power' indicator is not on.
Check the unit is plugged in and a fuse is not blown.
The Air conditioner is running but not blowing cold.
Set temperature lower and/or check that the condensate tank is not full.
The unit is not working and an error code is displayed.
Check the error code against the table below (also on side of machine) and take corrective action indicated.
TC21 fault code guide