DD400 large desiccant dehumidifier

The DD400 is our desiccant dehumidifier which is best suited for drying at lower temperatures. It's robust construction makes it ideal for the construction industry and other places where drying a large area is necessary.  The hot, warm air is exhausted from the unit via a hose, similar to a tumble drier hose, and this is possibly the most effective way of drying in lower temperatures    

  • 40 litre/day maximum capacity
  • Desiccant based dehumidifier
  • Strong construction
  • Ideal for construction sites
  • Dimensions: H42 x W40 x D54cm

Unit Hire Costs Guide:

  • 10 week £38 Per Week
  • 8 week £42 Per Week
  • 4 week £55 Per Week
  • 1 week £120 Per Week
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