PM38Q Air Conditioner

The PM38Q model air conditioner has been designed to the specification provided by Aircon Hire Ltd to the manufacturer. It is designed for use in offices where low background noise combined with high staff/computer loading call for a quiet but powerful unit. The long exhaust hose capability (up to 3.2 mt) makes this air conditioner suitable for venting to higher ceiling voids and less accessible windows. A single air conditioning unit will cool a typical office of 32 sq mt and multiples can be used in larger areas. Condensate is automatically evaporated away so the inconvenience of regularly emptying a water tank is avoided.

With the cool air discharged from the top of the air conditioner it can be positioned more easily within the office layout, without creating uncomfortable draughts.

The unobtrusive and simple design of the casing make it an acceptable air conditioning unit for the modern office environment.

  • 3.8KW cooling output
  • Cools up to 32 sq mt general office
  • Very quiet operation
  • Choice of 1.6m or 3.2m exhaust hose
  • Thermostatic control
  • No water tank to be emptied
  • Dimensions: H85 x W45 x D37cm

Unit Hire Costs Guide:

  • 10 week £38 Per Week
  • 8 week £42 Per Week
  • 4 week £55 Per Week
  • 1 week £120 Per Week
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